Saturday, June 6, 2015

Legs up!

It's the night before a race, and there is a whole lot of nothing going on!  Exactly the way I hope. We drove to the OK yesterday after meeting Sean and Sam following the epic Alaskan bike and ferry ride. Then we drove an amazing highway: the North cascades across to Osoyoos.  soSo beautiful!

I am going to be racing the Oliver Half Iron put on by Dynamic race events.  The last time I was here, it was 2012, I did an Olympic, and it was my first race in BC after moving back from Montreal. This race is #2 of 3 scheduled for the year, and I feel relaxed! We are staying at beautiful Spirit Rodge resort, and it feels like a race-cation.  Today we even got some wine tasting in, and pool side sitting.  (All, of course, while I taking plenty of salty water and a few more carbs than normal.)

I was out on a ride today, and I was able to go fast without much effort.  Exactly what you hope for.  The day before a race.  It is going to be ridiculously hot tomorrow:  in the likes of 35 degrees.  Last year, when sean and I did the granFondo, it was just above that (37 or so), and it was Tough!  So: what are my goals?  

Time goals are out of the window: the bike is an extra 5km, so I doubt it's a PR day wih that extra 10ish minutes of riding. 
Consistency is up there: starting my run manageable, with quick cadence and controlled HR. No fly and dies & running the hills.
  Keeping cool will be essential tomorrow. 
Good nutrition is up on the goals list: to fuel like I will in Ironman.  Plenty of fluids (I think I can handle more than I drink now), potatoes in race time.  Eat to fuel a marathon, even if I am only racing a half. 

Go hard.  Race with all my heart.  Feel happy to be wrecked tomorrow after the race. 

See you on the flip side. 
Also: my pre race photo:  are these legs or hotdogs!?

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