Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy 2014!

Have you ever realized how stressful the new year is?

First, there is the expectation that you are going to have some epic social night on NYE.  What happens if you just want to stay in and read a book?  Is that lame!? (i don't think so...)

Second, People almost expect that everyone will have resolutions to better one-self.  lose weight, get finances under control, travel more, give more, exercise more, eat less cheese, pick up a new habit.

That's a lot of stress, people.

What about this: resolving to be good to yourself?

It's kinda epic.

And, I am excited for the new year (I kinda always am...)!  Since I am a goal-oriented person, new years resolutions do me well.  This year, I don't have any except a word: restoration. I resolve to restore.  And, I believe that means being good to myself.  2013 was a year where I have started to discover a rhythm.  One of a working, dog owning, married, active 30 year-old.  2014 will be a year, where within that rhythm, I restore.    I resolve to restore balance.  I've been taking steps to do that, and it leaves me excited.

2014 has things on the horizon:
Trip to Australia!
Trip to Malawi (hopefully!)
Epic fast racing!
Maybe an peer-reviewed paper! (Kinda something i've been thinking about.  I just need a topic and time.)
The ongoing growth of Warm Heart Initiatives!

Today, I went up a mountain with my doggie, and watched the sky melt away over howe sound and burrard inlet.  It was amazing.  Enjoy this breath of fresh air.

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