Tuesday, September 10, 2013

End of my triathlon season!

Boy oh Boy, do I have some race reports to write!  What a few weeks!  I haven't (obviously) posted since after Lake Stevens 70.3, where I think I did the best 1/2 iron of my life.    July and August were fantastic, with lots of sun, lots of bike riding, and all round general beauty of the summer.  I love long days, and they are quickly running away from us.

I wish that I can write a few other things other than triathlon, but, really, I feel like that is all that my life has involved recently.   I am finally on my off season, and I am happy about that.  A few weeks of doing *not much* is needed.  I plan to spend the time at home with my pup and my hubby, possibly to road trip a bit (jasper & lake louise this weekend! hopefully to go see family in October!), eat some good meals, and generally just not exercise very much.   I do have goals for the fall, and most of them include the outcome of being a better runner.  I have really struggled with my running through this season, and I would like to learn to love running.  If not love, at least like.  I tend to think that the fall is a good time to do that: cooler weather, beautiful turning leaves, and more time than during the summer.

I will get those race reports out, but I guess that the general consensus is WOW.  This season gave me a renewed passion for triathlon, and wanting to get faster and faster.

In addition, work is changing up a bit.  I have a new rotating schedule, with not as many weekends (2 every 11 or something like that) and the same hours as Sean, and I am still loving my job.  I do feel like I am still learning so much, and continuing to be a better nurse, and a better professional.  

Even though the weather today felt a lot like summer, I know that the fall is a time of change and difference and new things. That is pretty exciting, and I am looking forward to the next couple months!

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