Monday, July 22, 2013

sorry to be a downer, but, summer is already 1/2 over.

and, what a summer it has been.  I cannot believe how quickly it is zooming by, and part of that is probably because I have been working a full time job, as well as trying to enjoy the dog days of summer.  Other than working, our trip to alaska, and eating ice cream sandwiches, i have been busy training and racing.  Of course, I have a big race coming up in exactly one month August, which is Challenge Penticton. 

I am really excited for this race, because it is my first full-length/iron-length/"ironman" race.  It is held on the same course as it has been for the past 30 years, but put on by a different company.  I like getting new flavour in the triathlon world, and I think Challenge is going to be able to deliver great things.  Meanwhile, I have had a few other races on the docket, and this past weekend was one that I felt excited about.

The first time I ever was exposed to Long distance triathlon was way back in 2008, when I did a relay race at a 70.3, with my old rowing teammates.  At that point, I watched my good friend Donna do the whole race, and I thought "damn, if she can do this... I can do this..."  Shortly thereafter, I signed up for New Orleans 70.3 Inaugural race.  I was hooked.  That relay was Lake Stevens.   (i wish I knew how fast I swam, but apparently, they don't post relay times...)

The other thing that I want to make note of, prior to this race, is that I have been gunning for a Ironman 70.3 World championship Qualifying slot for many years.  I have never been an automatic qualifier (maybe one day...), but, I have been within 1-2 spots of receiving a roll down slot for at least 3 races. and, it has ticked me off.  I entered Lake Steven's this year, knowing that the new age group I am in is Super fast and inspirational, but with a slim hope that I could qualify.  This season, I have been racing fast.  I know St George kinda sucked big time, but, Subaru Victoria was my first AG victory, and my running/cycling is noticably stronger.

I went to sleep, not feeling nervous, but rather... excited.  I knew it was going to be a good day.  I had a crappy sleep, and woke up feeling quite tired. but ready.

30:20 split, 1:34/100m, 3 AG, 115 OA, 28 Female.

swim at Lake stevens is great.  A simple out and back, with a floating dock & almost to warm for a wet suit temperatures.  The other bonus is that there is a sweet yellow string that attaches the buoys, about 4 feet down in the water.  And you can follow it the whole way along.

Its as close as you can get to swimming in a pool, without swimming in a pool.

I felt steady, and arms felt strong.  The only disadvantage to that line in the water, is that *everyone* swims on top of it.  SO, passing swimmers from the waves in front of me was annoying.  I got one kick in the face, which removed one of the eyes of my goggles, but other than that, I stuck a bit to the right, and it was smooth sailing.  The water is clear, so i could see the feet of people i needed to pass, and could make a clean sweep.  NExt race: I'm breaking 30mins, i promise.

nothing big to report.  Just that I felt like I did it well.

2:45:44 split, 3:18:05 race time, 20.27 mi/h (32.6km/hr) 4 AG, 162 OA, 23 Female

we had driven the course the day before, and I was so glad that I did.  Because I knew that it was going to be a ride that would favour patience from early on.  There was a good amount of climbing (2160 Ft/660m), and many descents.  it was a technical ride, and there were a lot of crappy riders out there (aka, folks who would just grind the legs on the climbs).  There was also a dead deer at the most "major" turn, which goes from a decent downhill, to a *steep* uphill.  i hope a cyclist didn't hit it. Finally, the course is mostly in tree shade, and a whole lot of fun.

with my sweet new reynolds wheels that hubby got me for my birthday, I went out and rode as fast as I could.  I was gunning for a 2:40, but the climbing didn't allow for that.  I have surprised myself by equally splitting the ride, within a minute from 1st to 2nd halves.  I really enjoyed riding "with the boys."  I was a little discouraged that in the first 1/2 of the ride, I had 3 girls (apparently, the only 3 in my AG faster than me) pass me early.

and, apparently, I didn't hit my nutrition goals, either... which came to hit me in the run.

1:52:09 Split, 5:11:34 race time, 8:33/mi (5:18/km) 7 AG, 255 OA, 51 Female
well.  let's just say that I think this was the part the I screwed up on.  and, like I said, it came from early on in the ride, where I clearly did not take enough fluid/nutrition in... I started off feeling strong, hitting pretty consistant 5:05 km's (give or take about 10 secs) and then whamo... km 11... couldn't go more than 5:30s.  

My quads were crampy, i was feeling like I couldn't take much in & feeling shaky/cold.  That wasn't fatigue, that was lack of nutrition.   So, i started just taking in whatever i could stomach at aid stations.  It wasn't until the last 3 km where I was able to squeek it out again.  But, i knew that if i managed under 2hrs, i would still be PR'ing.  I wanted to break 5:10, but, it wasn't in the books.

I finished off the race with a 5:11:34, 7th W 30-34, and 255 OA.

My prior PR was 5:19:57, in Syracuse 2011.  SO, that is a 8.5 min PR.  I am really happy about the whole thing, and couldn't ask for a better weekend with Leading edge teammates, and the ultimate race supporter, Sean.

and, guess what?

I got a roll down slot for Las Vegas 2013 Ironman 70.3 World Championships. It may be 2 weeks after challenge, but, how could I not take the chance.  I am so. fricken. excited.

I also need a race-support crew.  Anyone want to go to Vegas with me?  Here are the details. 

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Bonnie said...

Congrats and thanks for the details...looking forward to seeing you in Penticton!