Monday, April 29, 2013

It's race week!

All of a sudden, I am racing a 1/2 ironman on saturday.  Not going to lie, it has kinda crept up on me, and as always, i have NO IDEA how I am going to do. I've already had my little freak out to Sean, where I complain that I haven't trained enough, and how it is going to be hot, and at elevation, and how there are more than 130 women in my age group.  that new, fast, age group   YOu know the one... those women who have been doing the sport long enough to be experienced, but not so long that their body is rebelling? WElcome to age group 30-34.  Welcome to St George, Utah.

It's going to be hot. In more ways than one!

meanwhile, I am doing things like this, to get me race ready...

i went to physio today, and he did acupuncture.  If you remember, in 2007, I had a bike crash that caused me to break both my arms.  It left me with one joint that was "good."  I.e.  never been fractured. But, since my arms are pretty much f'd up for the rest of my life, i am now experiencing pain, swelling and tendinitis in my "good" elbow.  Kinda sucks.

on friday, i will be flying to Vegas, to meet my Momma, hop in a car, and drive to St George, and get my race on.  This year has been such a year of transitions, and one of those has been learning how to train with a) a new team, and b) a new work schedule, and c) a husband.   because, you see, last season, i didn't have any of those things.  I was coming off a few months in Malawi, spent 3 months with McGill tri club, and then "coached myself."  With no commitments, As a student, I could train when I wanted, and how I wanted.  much to my surprise, i went fast.   I also was in a long distance relationship and unemployed, which meant i could place my training times whenever during the day, without sacrificing relationship time.  That is no longer true.   I have to be consistant, and I have to value my hubby's time.   I can't work out at 2 pm, cause im working.  I can't work out at 9:30pm, cause i have to get ready for work in the morning. 

Finally, we have this creature.  this creature who also needs things, like food and walks and attention and attendance at obedience class...  
bounding through long grass
 So, what does that all mean? 

am I going to succeed on Saturday?  Am i going to be able to rip it up, and run over that line with a smile on my face?  

Of course.  

'cause how could i not run over the line with a smile on my face?

i am a girl doing something that I love.  I live in a city that i love, with a partner that supports and loves me.  I have the world's most beautiful puppy.  I have Vancouver's most amazing nursing job.  I have a schedule that allows me to 

Ilala in Pacific Spirit Parkso, how can I not smile when I am done on Saturday?  I just have to trust in the process, and I know that i will be happy.

and, i just hope it doesn't hurt to bad.

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