Saturday, October 13, 2012

Back as a MRS!

It has obviously been quite quiet in the blog-o-sphere around here recently.  And, I'm ok with that.  But, I do love blogging.  I just think that the blog has become a little different for me in the past 6 months.  I think that in school, my blog tends to be a time that I can get away from the stress, vent a bit, reflect a bit, and keep people updated.  Now that i am not in school, the stress of academia has decreased, and I find that blogging about things like... my triathlon training... can be a bit bland.  so, let's talk about the major amazing lovely love fest that happened a few weeks ago.

getting married is awesome.

what a week of crazy emotions.   I felt the saddest that I have maybe ever experienced, with the loss of my sister.  I'm still very sad about that, and I know that I will never stop missing her.  here are some photos of her and i together, then some shots of her a few years ago, while working at Pioneer camps.

In the weeks gathering up to the wedding, it was quite busy/stressful.  Pretty much in the way that all of a sudden, it became real.  we were getting married.  the avalanche was about to begin, and there was no way of stopping it!  we got a fun chance to do some "engagement shots," some of which I shared a little while ago.  it was a lot of fun, and we were able to learn how to be in front of the camera.

As my dad and I were driving back from Edmonton, I could feel the emotions changing in me.  It was kinda amazing, as some people may have questioned my decision to keep going forward, despite our loss.  but, as we were driving over the mountains, it felt like going from one spot to another.  I arrived in the wee hours of wednesdaynight/thursday morning, and the next day, things were on.  People were in town, decorations were all made, and appts were booked.

at that point, it actually felt quite like limited stress.  it actually felt like things were going to roll forward just fine.  And, thanks to the amazing people around us... to many to list as of right now, but we will send them out.

our wedding day was one of very very few that it actually rained in vancouver over the summer/fall.  it didn't pour, but it was enough to be a little annoyed.  I can't cover it all, but these are some of the amazing things that I loved about our wedding. in no particular order.

  • how in our Anglo-catholic tradition, when you put a ring on the other person, you start on the thumb, and say "with this ring, I thee wed, and with my body, I thee honour" then you move the ring to the index finger and say "in the name of the father," move to the middle "and of the son" move to the ring "and of the holy spirit." 
  • waiting for our post-lude/recessional march to be done (it took a good 7 minutes), while we were waiting to ring the bell, and just looking at all our guests.
  • drinking coffee, and eating snacks at matchstick during our reveal.  and, the creative, beautiful chaos that ensued in the shop.
  • my dad reading the new-testament.  also that my dad wore some "toms," along with the rest of us.
  • the fun of taking photos, and knowing that Shari and Mike are artists and incredible people. 
  • being beautiful.  and surprizing sean with how I looked.
  • the energy that my friend, Jessie, brought to getting ready.  and, the organization that terry brought.
  • quality time with my niece.
  • having friends from near and far be there.
  • the music at our ceremony, and the beautiful voice of Ruth.  
  • my uncle don, and his amazing, ridiculous dancing. 
  • our first dance going fantastically.
  • the way that sean would hold my hand to lead me around. 
I think that is enough for now, but I know I want to come back to this, because there is SO much.  and, I just want to thank all of you that were able to make this possible, and for coming and visiting with us. Sorry we didn't get to have a good conversation with everyone, but it was amazing to see you, and feel your love. 

to all of you who were not able to come to the wedding.  we missed you, but know that you were there in heart and mind!

for now, one photo.


bananya said...

Amo, what a great post and please keep blogging so that I know what's going on with you as I obviously care and can't wait to see you to give you a huge hug I couldn't give on your wedding day!
Love you, Anya

Rodrick Banda said...

It is great to learn what happened around and during the day of your wedding. Amelia and Sean, you are in our hearts and prayers. We hope you enjoyed your day and that your love for one another grows from strength to strength. We could have joined you, but distance was a great barrier. Otherwise, we followed every event as you kept updating us. I hope you will visit Malawi again!