Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cycling for strongkids

 I am about to do a shameless plug, for a GREAT cause.  Two years ago, I joined my uncle (and two cousins) on a day during his ride from Victoria to Thunder Bay to raise money for YMCA Strongkids Campaign.  here we are eating doughnut's at Tim Hortons. 
 Here we are, working the doughnuts off.
My uncle don is our family's athletic inspiration.  He did Ironman Canada in the 80's, and has been racing triathlon ever since.  He generally enters, sometimes doesn't run (as his knees are a bit worn out now...), and had fun the whole way.  He goes to the YMCA at least 2x a day, and Tim Hortons at least once.  He is a lawyer in Mississauga, ON.  His 3 kids have done triathlons, I do triathlon, my neice used to go out and visit him every summer, and he made her do triathlons, and he has inspired my cousin Rob (the younger fellow in these photos) to do Ironman Canada this year.

And he believes in the fight against childhood obesity.  SO, this year he is raising the bar from riding only 1/2 way, to riding the whole way across Canada.  He is starting in Horseshoe Bay on Monday, and will be averaging over 200km/day (WTF!??!  CRAZY!), to arrive in St John's, NL on July 22nd.

His website is here, at  Please follow his blog (he is pretty funny!), and donate to the local YMCA!!!! (if you are not in Canada, feel free to donate to the Vancouver YMCA!) and re-share on your TWITTER, Facebook, and blog!!!

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Bonnie said...

So I hear you and Rob are also heading out with him again on Monday? Yeah!