Sunday, November 6, 2011

NIxon's Paintings

Ok, yesterday I told you about Nixon, who is an artist.  These are his paintings.    They are a variety of sizes and a variety of styles, as you can see.  They are Nixon's sole source of income, and he has asked if I could bring them back to Canada to give to a friend of his to sell.  I thought I would blog them, in case YOU might wan to buy one.  Send me an offer.  I will bring them back to Canada, via seattle.  So, they can be shipped to you (you pay shipping), or if you live in Montreal, Vancouver or Seattle-Tacoma, I can get them to you directly.  

Let me know which one you like, and shoot me an offer.  I will tell you if it is appropriate, and then I will tell you how to get the Money to me, so that I can pay him for them.   He will be using the proceeds to pay for school fees for his children.

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