Sunday, October 30, 2011


I just had another person ask if I could help pay for school fees for their children.  I know the solution is not to just give hand outs... as people would say, "it breeds a culture of dependancy."  but, sometimes I also wonder, as it was recently mentioned to me, if that is just an excuse for not helping.

it feels awful not to help.
but it feels awful to just just give out money.

how?  how do I help? what is the answer here?


Kelly said...

Can you hire them to work for you?

Bonnie said...

Definitely a dilemma...I also get it when I work north. often the assumption because you are caucasian and from the west you must be rich. Sometimes decide what you can do and then set boundaries. Know it is hard because if you do for one then there will be more asking.