Thursday, August 25, 2011

Upon arrival... Jet lag sucks

it is 3:25 am.  I went to bed at 10.  5hrs sleep is not enough.
unfortunately, it is 7:35 in edmonton, which... is not sleeping time.


so, i will write a quick update, hopefully to put myself back to sleep.  I guess I can start by saying that this blog is going to take vast turn in subject matter.  For, over the next 4 months, i will probably barely touch anything triathlon related. Oh sure, i brought my (now very old/used) running shoes.  I have my bathing suit, swim cap and goggles.  but.  as if i am going to get the chance to do anything close to training.

for I have arrived.

Touching down at the Cape Town airport almost induced tears.  Perhaps it was due to the stale air circulating in a plane that had been flying for 11.5 hrs from Amsterdam, but, i tend to think that it was my heart that was feeling what my head has been telling me for the past few weeks.  I am going to Africa.

wait.  I am in Africa.  Welcome home. I have arrived.

and, honestly, it took me less than a few hours to feel like I felt 6 years ago during my 6 weeks in Cape Town on Mercy Ships.  that i would move here in a heartbeat.  As I awoke in Stellenbosch the next morning, gazed out the window to the mountains, and breathed the fresh "winter"ish air, i was completely reminded that is all together true.  oh man.  I love this place.

i mean. comon.'  just look at this place.  I couldn't ask for a better place, or better people, to squish my toes into Africa (and get over this dang jet lag) for this first week.

I know that this next 4 months is going to just be "life changing."  Africa always is.  yes folks, AWA: Africa Wins Again.

but, let me just reflect backwards a bit, before I go forward.  As always, the last few days in edmonton were jammed packed.  maybe it was my procrastination, but, maybe it was just the way things go as you are making a big transition.  Wrapping up loose ends. seeing people who are important.  packing your bags.  racing triathlons.  exchanging money. sending school paper work.  taking your first malaria pill (hmmm.  ok.  yes.  i will take them.  unless they start making me crazy. the only thing that happened so far, is that the night of the day i took it, i had a very vivid dream about a conversation face to face with God.  i do know that God gives visions in dreams, however, i don't think this is his chosen way of speaking to me.  i think i was just on drugs....)

this summer, edmonton treated me well.

although i often hate on edmonton, the summer is really the best there.  but mostly, there are a lot of people that i love there.  and, that is what makes the city decent. and, in many aspects, it is due to family that lives there.  I lived with my mum for the last couple weeks of summer (after the basement renos finally were done!!!) and, she loves to take photos and post them on facebook.  so, i proceeded to steal them.  

The first ones are various photos of my immediate family.  Me (of course!) my 15 year old amazing niece, my mum, and my older sister.  All of these ladies (girls!) are so strong in thier own ways, and it was great to be able to spend time with them this summer!  especially to eat together, which (IMO), is really the ultimate way of building community!

and, finally some of the other/new/in-law part of my to-be family.  Sean and his fam are great to be around, and it was really nice to be able to catch up with his parents in late july.  that included a dinner at Packrat Louie's in Edmonton, with my mum!
Sean taking care of my mum's dogs at Alberta Challenge Triathlon last sunday.  

Sean with his parents.  The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree on this one!  :) but, i approve.  he looks just so dang cute in this photo! 

Family fun!
that is it for now folks!  I am sure that i will get another update before I leave South Africa, and move on to Malawi!


sailorjerry said...

so this explains the missing apple...and why you are still asleep at 1pm! =)

Joy said...

I will pray that your Malaria meds don't make you crazy. I remember how crazy mine made me and that was not fun! I am slightly jealous that you are in Africa and I am not. Someday I will get back, someday.