Monday, February 9, 2009

sick dog!

so. 8 weeks to go until I race in new orleans. 6 days before i race a 1/2 marathon, here in vancouver. ask me how training is going. go on. do it.

oh? how is training going? you mean, i was supposed to be swimming, biking, and running this past week? well, let me tell you that i would have loved to. in fact, it would have been ideal. but, instead, my "oh i bonked on friday" feeling was instead the beginning of being the most sick that I have been since January 2006, when I was in Liberia, and I had strep throat.

im talking about fever. achey body. sometimes energy so low that i couldn't stand up in the shower, or I had to sit on the kitchen floor to put my home delivered groceries away. everytime I would take a breath, i would have searing pain across my ribcage. the whole nine yards. how many days without doing much more than the essentials? 5. count 'em. 5 days of not training. ughghghgh. and, i don't know how many more days of "easy goes it." it is sure a stick in the mud. and, i don't like it. but, at least i am on the mend. so, my wine and cheeze goes away, and i get back to training. but, it was awful. i just want to say that. i hate being sick. esp cause i don't ever get sick. oh yeah. and, the doctor told me i have low iron. i gotta figure out what to do about that.

in other news.... i am done done done my thesis! (well, pretty much; i expect to have a few more edits before the defense, and then maybe a few revisions after the defense, but that is all minor compared to everything!!!)

woooooooooo hooooooooooooo!!!

defense date will be in about a month, and then this M.Sc is finito! it is about time. so, it should be about one more month of hard work and preparations, and then a deep exhale. how fricken exciting is that!??!?!

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Amanda said...

the low iron thing... It's pretty normal for young women to have low iron levels because of how much blood we lose on a monthly basis. I have had this problem, too - and it can affect your energy levels and lots of other stuff. So - now I take prenatal vitamins. No. I'm not pregnant and yes, it tends to freak people out when they see them on the counter in my kitchen. But they do have lots and lots of iron in them. ...and other good stuff too. Now my iron levels are consistently good., that's one option.